Low Vitamin D & Risk of Death

Observational data suggests that low levels of vitamin D may be associated with a substantially higher risk of death. A study published in Archives of Internal Medicine studied all-cause, cancer and cardiovascular disease deaths of 13,331 initially healthy adults from an ongoing national health survey. Data was collected from 1988 through 1994 and participants were followed through 2000. Over 8.7 years, there were 1806 deaths, including 777 from cardiovascular disease, which 400 of these being vitamin D deficient.

Researchers compared participants with the highest and lowest levels of vitamin D. They found that those with low levels were associated with a 26 per cent decreased rate of death from any cause! This is an incredible finding as low levels of vitamin D has been recently linked to both heart related deaths and breast cancer, among other diseases.*

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*Lam, B.L., Christ, S.L., Lee, D.J., Zheng, D., Arheart, K.L. “Reported Visual Impairment and Risk of Suicide: The 1986-1996 National Health Interview Surveys.” Arch Ophthalmology. 2008;126(7):975-980.

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