Omega-3 & Lowering Depression Linked Again

A French study of 1,390 elderly participants studied the blood levels of omega-3 fatty acids (EPA) and the relationship to depression. Depression was evaluated using the Center for Epidemiological Studies Depression scale.*

The study found that the EPA levels and depressive symptoms were inversely related. Higher EPA in the blood (omega-3) was associated with a “lower severity of depressive symptoms in elderly subjects, especially those taking antidepressants.”

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*Catherine Feart, E. Peuchant, L. Letenneur, C. Samieri, D. Montagnier, A. Fourrier-Reglat, P. Barberger-Gateau. “Plasma eicosapentaenoic acid is inversely associated with severity of depressive symptomatology in the elderly: data from the Bordeaux sample of the Three-City Study.” American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. May 2008, Volume 87, Number 5, Pages 1156-1162.

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