Omega-3 & Your Brain

A recent study by researchers in Norway suggests that Omega-3 may improve brain function.

The study involved 2031 elderly Norwegians.  Researchers examined the intake of seafood products and brain performance. The study showed that there was a significant increase of cognitive performance in the participants that consumed at least 10 grams of fish or fish products per day. The best test results were with 75 grams intake of fish or fish products.*

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*Nurk, E., Drevon, C.A., Refsum, H., Solvoll, K., Vollset, S.E., Nygard, O., Nygaard, H.A., Engedal, K., Tell, G.S., Smith, A.D. “Cognitive performance among the elderly and dietary fish intake: the Hordaland Health Study” American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Volume 86, Pages 1470-1478. Vol. 86, No. 5., 1470-1478. November 2007.

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