Vegetarian Glucosamine

Glucosamine has mainly been used as a base ingredient in joint health dietary supplements. It has been shown to help rebuild and repair human cartilage, and is often used in conjunction with chondroitin, which gives cartilage elasticity. As awareness grows and consumers increasingly seek products containing the ingredient, the glucosamine market has undergone two major developments: It has turned vegetarian, and it has also started cropping up in foods and beverages. A major limitation for the use of glucosamine has been that the ingredient is usually derived from shellfish. This means that it is not suitable for use by people who are allergic to shellfish and those who adhere to a Kosher diet. Vitamin Health’s new shellfish-free, domestically produced, Neoflex® Powder is a great alternative for these people. Neoflex® Powder’s great tasting orange flavor mixes with water once daily and includes 1500 mg Glucosamine HCL, 1,200 mg chondroitin sulfate and 500 mg MSM. The vegetarian glucosamine utilized in Neoflex® Powder is derived from corn using a patented fermentation process. The joint health benefits of glucosamine have been reported in numerous clinical trials, most notably the Glucosamine/chondroitin Arthritis Intervention Trial (GAIT), sponsored by the National Institute of Health.

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