Vitamin D & Metabolic Syndrome

Low vitamin D status has been associated with risk of cardiovascular disease. Metabolic syndrome, a combination of medical disorders that increase the risk of developing cardiovascular disease and diabetes, was the focus of this recent study. This study, published in the Journal of Lipidology evaluated the relationship of vitamin D and cardiovascular disease risk, including metabolic syndrome.*

The study participants included 258 men and women using fasting blood samples, individual measurements, and blood pressure. Dietary intake was also assessed with food frequency and dietary supplement questionnaires. The result showed that total vitamin D intake was inversely associated with metabolic syndrome. Research is pending to assess whether increasing vitamin D consumption will improve the metabolic cardiovascular risk factor profile.

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*Kevin C. Maki, PhDCorresponding Author Informationemail address, Martyn R. Rubin, PhD, Les G. Wong, BS, Jamie F. McManus, MD, Christopher D. Jensen, PhD, John W. Marshall, RN, Andrea Lawless, MD. “Serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D is independently associated with high-density lipoprotein cholesterol and the metabolic syndrome in men and women.” Journal of Lipidology. Published online 21 July 2009.

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