A New Zinc Free Option for the Popular Viteyes AREDS 2

Vitamin Health announces the launch of Viteyes® AREDS 2 Zinc Free formula.

While we continue to receive terrific feedback about how well Viteyes® AREDS 2 helps patients with AMD maintain their eye health, we continue to look for new options to help as many patients as we can.viteyes_Areds2_Zinc_Free

A recent trial analyzing the original National Eye Institute (NEI) AREDS study data and patient DNA samples concluded that after undergoing genetic testing, some patients would benefit more from a supplement without zinc for their eye health.

As a result, we have developed the new Viteyes® AREDS 2 Zinc Free formula, for those patients who have a genetic predisposition that does not allow zinc to be effective.

If your eye care physician lets you know, after genetic testing, that you need a zinc free formula, we are pleased to be able to offer this option to you.

The new Viteyes® AREDS 2 Zinc Free formula is based on the findings from the AREDS 2 study announced in 2013 by the NEI but without zinc.

We want to offer the best choices for helping our AMD patients and this is a new way of upholding that commitment.

To purchase the new Viteyes® AREDS 2 Zinc Free formula, click here.

Viteyes® recommends talking to your eye care physician before switching up your vitamin regimen.

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