AMD & Supplements

An on-going study, based on Carotenoids in Age-Related Maculopathy (CARMA) indicated that intake of high levels of lutein and zeaxanthin preserved macular pigments. The study involved 433 participants with AMD. The aim of the CARMA Study is to investigate whether lutein and zeaxanthin, in combination with co-antioxidants, vitamin C, E, and zinc, has a beneficial effect on visual function and/or prevention of progression from early to late stages of the disease. It appears the combination of nutrients shows potential against AMD.*

Viteyes offers two AREDS formulas without beta-carotene – formulated specially for smoker’s and former smokers. Viteyes also offers AREDS formulas with lutein and Viteyes Essentials with 15 mg of lutein and 4.75 mg of zeaxanthin.

* Kumari Neelam; Ruth E. Hogg; Michael R. Stevenson; Elinor Johnston; Roger Anderson; Stephen Beatty; Usha Chakravarthy. “Carotenoids and Co-Antioxidants in Age-Related Maculopathy: Design and Methods.” Ophthalmic Epidemiology 2008, Vol. 15, issue 6, pp. 389-401.

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