Lutein & Your Macula

The amount of carotenoids, lutein and zeaxanthin, in the macula are thought to affect the development of age-related maculopathy (ARM). A recent Japanese study researched the levels of carotenoids in normal Japanese participants versus those with ARM.*

The study found that normal levels of lutein and zeaxanthin in the macula were about 1471 “units”. Those with early AMD had a mean of only 620 units and those with late AMD had a mean of only 427 units of macular carotenoids. Normal levels also declined with age, even with healthy individuals. The ARM patients showed lower macular carotenoid levels than healthy people.

Low macular carotenoid levels may be one of the risk factors of progression in ARM.

Viteyes® Essentials offers a dietary supplement high in lutein (15 mg) and zeaxanthin (4 mg). 

* Akira Obana, MD, PhD, Tadahisa Hiramitsu, MD, PhD, Yuko Gohto, MD, PhD, Akihiro Ohira, MD, PhD, Satoshi Mizuno, PhD, Toru Hirano, BSc, Paul S. Berstein, MD, PhD, Hisako Fujii, BSc, Ken Iseki, PhD, Masaki Tanito, MD, Yoshihiro Hotta, MD, PhD. “Macular Carotenoid Levels of Normal Subjects and Age-Related Maculopathy Patients in a Japanese Population.” Ophthalmology. Volume 115; 1; 147-157. January 2008.


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