Selenium and Bladder Cancer

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Recent studies have found an association between selenium and a reduction in bladder cancer among women. Results were recently published in the December issue of Cancer Prevention Research indicated that an increased level of selenium may reduce a woman’s risk of bladder cancer by up to 34%.**

According to lead researcher Margaret Karagas, if selenium does have the ability to prevent bladder cancer in a certain subset of women, this may lead to a possible “chemopreventive” solution. This particular study showed a 34% risk in bladder cancer in women and a 39% reduction for moderate smokers. The researchers hope to replicate these findings on a larger scale to better examine the selenium connection.

*N.E. Allen, P.N. Appleby, A.W. Roddam, A. Tjonneland et al. “Plasma selenium concentration and prostate cancer risk: results from the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC).” American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. December 2008, Volume 88, Pages 1567-1575.

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