Vitamin D & Breast Cancer

A recent study investigated the relationship between vitamin D levels and breast cancer incidence. The study used data from 107 countries and found that those with higher levels of vitamin D and living closer to the equator (more sunlight) had less incidences of breast cancer. These results were independent of alcohol intake, meat intake, being overweight and other variables.*

This study is not necessarily promoting more sun exposure, but suggests increasing vitamin D levels by fortified foods and dietary supplements.

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*S.B. Mohr, C.F. Garland, E.D. Gorham, W.B. Grant, F.C. Garland. Relationship between low ultraviolet B irradiance and higher breast cancer risk in 107 countries. The Breast Journal 2008 May-Jun;14(3):255-60. Epub 2008 Apr 17.

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