Vitamin D & Chronic Pain

A new study has linked Vitamin D to the reduction of chronic pain.*

A lack of Vitamin D can lead to fractures, muscle weakness, osteopenia, osteoporosis, common cancers, cardiovascular diseases, autoimmune diseases, and infectious diseases.  The recommended intake for adults of Vitamin D is 2000 IU per day most adults have an intake of 230 IU per day.

A study by Michael W. Hooten, M.D. and the Mayo Comprehensive Pain Rehabilitation Center studied 267 adults under going outpatient treatment for chronic pain.  They recorded the levels of Vitamin D, pain medication (morphine) and general health.  They found that 26% of the patients lacking Vitamin D required almost twice the dose of morphine.

Dr. Hooten notes, “The implications are that in chronic pain patients, vitamin D inadequacy is not the principal cause of pain and muscle weakness, however, it could be a contributing but unrecognized factor.”

*Hooten M.D., Michael W. & Mayo Comprehensive Pain Rehabilitation Center. “Vitamin D Inadequacy May Exacerbate Chronic Pain.” ASA Annual Meeting. October 15, 2007.

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