Taking pills can be hard to swallow

An article in the Society for the Advancement of Education, states that 40% of American adults have experienced difficulty swallowing pills.* However, most have had no problems ingesting food or liquid, according to a nationwide survey conducted by Harris Interactive and sponsored by Schwarz Pharma, Inc., Milwaukee, Wis. Of those people, 14% have delayed taking doses of their medication; eight percent have skipped a dose; and four percent have discontinued using their medication, not adhering to the treatment recommended by their doctor and therefore limiting a physicians’ ability to successfully treat patients.

Here are a few tips to help swallow pills:
1. If it is a capsule, such as Viteyes® AREDS Formulas, break it apart and mix it in juice. If it is a caplet, think about buying a pill cutter to cut the pill in half.
2. Try alternatives to water to swallowing your pills such as drinking cold or carbonated beverages, orange or tomato juice, or even apple sauce. Any of these may options may help the pill slide down easier.

Alternative forms of medication, such as powder formulas, are becoming more popular. The new Neoflex Joint Health Powder is a great alternative for those that have trouble swallowing pills. The powder mixes easily with water, is convenient for traveling and tastes great!

* “Swallowing difficulties cause for concern” USA Today. October 2004.

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