Lutein, Zeaxanthin & Cancer

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Lutein and zeaxanthin are commonly known for eye health benefits. Recently, scientists found that lutein and zeaxanthin were the most bioactive agents present in carotenoids extracted from two popular Asian algae which blocked growth of human colon cancer cells.* They also found the extracts had a more powerful anti-cancer effect when used in combination. Researchers noted that both extracts were effective in battling colon cancer, but also speculated that these agents might be useful functional ingredients in the prevention of other cancers.

The study, published by Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry, found that considerable evidence supports the idea that some carotenoids may interfere with cancer pathways.

Further research is will be required to clarify fully the value of lutein and zeaxanthin to cancer therapy.

Lutein and Zeaxanthin are found in Viteyes Advanced Formulas. Viteyes® Essentials is formulated with 15 mg of lutein and 4.75 mg of zeaxanthin as well.

*Kwang Hyun Cha, Song Yi Koo and Dong-Un Lee. “Antiproliferative Effects of Carotenoids Extracted from Chlorella ellipsoidea and Chlorella vulgaris on Human Colon Cancer Cells” Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry. Web release date: October 23, 2008.

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